Friday, January 06, 2006

On Saturday I will be posting my 2005 RECAP...for our family 2005 was the year of MiG. I will be noting some of my experiences from the show Rockstar:INXS and his RP trip.

Sunday...MiG Ayesa PinoyFans(MAP) origin, the beginnings and future of the YG

This month's theme....Remembering January 2001
Jan 8 4th De La Paz Reunion
Jan 15-17 EDSA II Protest and Triumph
Jan 20-21 Remembering Mark Chua part 1 How he changed the system
Janurary 27 Remembering Mark Chua part 2 POS and post Major Tejares era
January 28 Birthday of Krisel

Watch out and check why January 2001 was one of my most memorable month ever. :)

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